About Bernafon and our Swiss heritage

  • High performance products

    From our Swiss headquarters, we define our competitive portfolio of hearing aids, fitting software, apps, and connectivity devices.

  • Industry-leading technology

    As an independent business unit of Demant, we have access to industry-leading R&D and research capabilities in the areas of in-house integrated circuit design, signal processing, audiology, fitting software, and hardware design.

  • Outstanding support

    Our individualized, personal support brings hearing care practices forward – big and small.

Bernafon history

It all started in Switzerland shortly before 1946 when young Hans Gfeller Jr., a student in engineering, got a hold of his father's new hearing aid. Instead of admiring what was then the best in audiological technology, he took it up to his room, grabbed a screwdriver and proceeded to take it apart, piece by piece.

While history doesn't tell what Mr. Gfeller Sr.'s reaction was when he found out what happened, we know it didn't take long for him to start developing and selling his own sound amplification devices.


Key metrics about Bernafon

  • World headquarters in Bern, Switzerland
  • 20 Bernafon subsidiaries
  • Sales in 70 countries worldwide


What our colleagues say about their jobs at Bernafon

We have many different professions and competences involved in the process of manufacturing hearing aids.

Portrait Barbara Simon

"I help to improve the usability of our products"

Barbara S., Clinical research audiologist


"I am passionate about sharing professional knowledge of Bernafon products"

Sonja K., International product training and product support


"I help bring state-of-the-art competitive products to market"

Remo V., International product manager


As a part of our passionate, competent, and collaborative global team, you'll make an impact on hearing-impaired people in a fast-growing industry.

Open jobs at Bernafon

Bernafon is part of the Demant Group.