The New Dynamics of Hearing Continues …


Bern (December 15, 2017) – Bernafon strides confidently forward with an enhanced Zerena 9|7|5 product line. Zerena goes rechargeable with ZPower and the SoundClip-A maximizes Zerena’s potential by using 2.4 GHz and NFMI technology to stream sound to both ears from nearly every audio device.

Zerena 9|7|5 and the new dynamics of hearing with outstanding DECS technology continue to lead the way. Zerena provides users with full and natural sound while maintaining an improved speech audibility and intelligibility, especially in noisy environments. Now in a second wave, Zerena is available with even more options and functions.

Zerena goes rechargeable
Zerena can now easily be turned into a rechargeable hearing device with the introduction of ZPower rechargeable kits. A replacement battery door, which is simple and straightforward to install, supports both conventional Zinc-Air 312 batteries and the new ZPower rechargeable batteries. To recharge Zerena, users simply place the hearing aids in the dedicated charger. Two ZPower battery doors, two Silver-Zinc ZPower rechargeable batteries, and a charger are included in the ZPower rechargeable kit for Zerena miniRITE hearing aids.

SoundClip-A – the small all-rounder
SoundClip-A is the convenient, wireless, accessory made for all phones. It allows Zerena to connect to any audio device compatible with Bluetooth® 2.1 (mobile phones, music players, computers, etc.). Use it as a wireless headset to stream music to Zerena hearing aids, or make hands-free phone calls with landline and mobile phones. The SoundClip-A can also act as a remote control for Zerena instruments and as a remote microphone for communication at a distance or in very noisy environments.

“Feedback from new Zerena users has been extremely positive. But the SoundClip-A for “all phones” will offer users even more attractive options for seamless, boundless hearing”, says Bruno Keller, Senior Director Marketing & Channel Support. “We constantly strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, and their customers, with our products and services.”

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