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Bern (August, 2018) – Bernafon Zerena is now available in a complete range of styles in all performance categories. And all Zerena performance categories feature the powerful dual-radio transmission chip. This means that the whole Zerena family benefits from the power-efficient 2.4 GHz and NFMI technologies.

From the powerful BTE and discreet RITE instruments, including a rechargeable miniRITE, to the flexible new custom instruments, Zerena offers maximum fitting flexibility with an incredible number of options all on a powerful dual-radio transmission chip. Zerena’s outstanding technology continues to deliver greater speech understanding with less listening effort and, together with the SoundClip-A, Zerena is a «made for all phones» hearing solution.

New Zerena custom instruments
From the smallest to the largest, Zerena custom instrument styles each have something special to offer. The smallest, the IIC, is placed deeply in the ear canal to ensure users can benefit from the natural pinna effect to improve their sound localization abilities. Both the IIC and the CIC are even more powerful than before with new speaker options. And the ITC, ITE HS, and ITE FS styles can be used like stereo headphones together with the SoundClip-A. While each style has its own benefits, they all offer greater fitting flexibility with a surprising number of options.

Zerena expands into the entry-level categories
Zerena 3|1 is now available, expanding the options in the entry-level categories. Zerena 3|1 incorporates Continuous Environment Detection and Dynamic Noise ManagementTM. This leading technology ensures that the system continuously analyzes the sound scene and stays in sync with changes in the environment, an approach that distinguishes Zerena 3|1 from other more traditional hearing aids and makes it Bernafon’s best entry-level product.

“We know that hearing aids have the potential to significantly improve quality of life”*, says Bruno Keller, Senior Director Marketing & Channel Support, “and we are confident that by bringing this extended range of Zerena hearing aids in all performance categories to the market, we will help achieve that.”

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