Bernafon Leox – the most powerful True Environment Processing™ hearing aids


Bern (September 2019) – Leox is Bernafon’s first True Environment Processing™ Super Power | Ultra Power hearing aid. With exceptional amplification power, optimal speech understanding, and attractive connectivity options, Leox lets power users of all ages navigate through their days with ease and confidence.

The first True Environment Processing™ Super Power | Ultra Power hearing instrument, Leox boasts some of the highest gain and maximum power output in the industry to date. By doing away with artificial sounds and processing delays, Leox makes environmental sounds more recognizable and helps power users to identify the source and location of a sound more accurately. The improved signal-to-noise ratio leads to better speech perception and speech understanding, especially in noisy and dynamic listening environments. This higher listening comfort comes without compromising important speech or safety indicators. Thanks to 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® Low Energy, power users can stream audio from modern Bluetooth® devices directly into their ears. Leox also has NFMI dual-radio wireless technology for binaural communication between hearing instruments.

Leox is available as a Super Power with 13 size battery and as an Ultra Power with 675 size battery. It comes in performance categories 7|3 and six colors, including red and blue. It has both single and double push buttons, a hydrophobic coating, and an IP68 rating. With Leox, Bernafon completes its portfolio of high-performance hearing instruments for all levels of hearing losses.

Innovative DECS™ core technology

Bernafon’s proprietary Dynamic Environment Control System™ (or DECS™) is the core technology behind True Environment ProcessingTM. Integrated on a remarkably powerful microchip, DECS™ uses a combination of dynamic features to ensure real-time amplification and speech recognition in challenging listening situations. All while quickly managing acoustical feedback with Bernafon’s effective Dynamic Feedback Canceller™.

Perfectly networked with Bernafon’s wireless accessories

The TV-A television adapter, RC-A remote control, and SoundClip-A enable connectivity from Leox hearing instruments to a variety of sound sources. Power users can be perfectly networked for watching TV, streaming music or video, hands-free phone calls, and improved communication over distance and in noisy environments. The EasyControl-A app offers users convenient and discreet volume and program changes, battery status, plus the ability to connect to various IoT based devices and create alerts. There is a telecoil for direct sound signals from induction loop systems in public places. And, there is a DAI/FM adapter supporting direct audio input and connection to FM (classroom) systems.

The ideal solution for pediatric fittings

Leox is suitable for babies from 3 months of age, toddlers, children, and teens. As the user grows, Leox can be adapted to support changing needs and preferences. A pediatric earhook in a damped and undamped version and custom power molds ensure a close fit for highest comfort and listening performance. Leox is a great choice for bi-modal fittings too.

Efficient fittings with Oasisnxt

Bernafon’s Oasisnxt 2019.2 fitting software provides the tools for accurate amplification. These include the DSL v5.0 pediatric fitting rationale, a 1 dB step size option for more precise volume control, and the ability to directly import RECD measurements to precisely calculate the amplification targets. Also, the multi-color LED settings and tonal alerts can be individualized to meet the needs and preferences of users, parents and caregivers.


Bernafon Leox – the most powerful True Environment Processing™ hearing aids


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