Bernafon Alpha hearing aids become even more attractive


BERN, Switzerland, September 1, 2021 ‐ To improve the customer experience and choice with Alpha hearing aids, Bernafon further enhances the product offering. The premium Bernafon Alpha hearing aids with Hybrid Technology™ now come with additional style flexibility, more fine-tuning assistance, the new Music Experience program, and a portable Charger Plus.

It’s an exciting time for Bernafon as the Swiss brand celebrates its 75th anniversary in the industry. With the rechargeable Alpha miniRITE T R, Bernafon launched the industry’s very first hearing aid with Hybrid Technology™. Like a hybrid car, it combines two processing approaches into one hybrid system for best sound without compromise. Bernafon Alpha has been exceptionally well received all around the world. To enhance the customer experience and choice even further, Bernafon now introduces the new Music Experience program, a portable Charger Plus, more fine-tuning assistance, and additional style flexibility.

Music Experience program

As a pioneer in the processing of music with hearing aids, Bernafon introduces the Music Experience program. The all-in-one solution is specifically designed for dynamic music sounds whether live, played, recorded, or streamed. It pairs Hybrid Sound Processing™ with a new independent compression scheme for music. Together they can amplify the broader frequency and dynamic range of music sounds with high precision and in real-time. The result is superior sound quality and a well-balanced music experience for musicians and music lovers alike.

Portable Charger Plus for Alpha miniRITE T R

Bernafon’s most popular miniRITE T R style can now be fully charged on the go in only 3 hours with the portable Charger Plus. The new accessory brings more freedom to Bernafon Alpha users with an active lifestyle. Its power bank provides 3 full charging cycles of two hearing aids. The convenient lid securely stores the hearing aids during charging and transport.

Oasisnxt fitting software update

Oasisnxt 2021.2 fitting software version facilitates fine-tuning of Bernafon Alpha hearing aids with the new Fitting Assistant. Gain and feature adjustments are suggested based on a guided assessment of a user’s needs in a majority of listening situations. Changes can be implemented immediately for an optimal result.

Furthermore, Bernafon Remote Fitting now allows in-situ audiometry. It enables hearing care professionals to verify hearing thresholds and validate an audiogram remotely for practical and timely client support.

Alpha miniRITE T and CROS/BiCROS miniRITE T R

Bernafon Alpha is now also available in the miniRITE T style with non-rechargeable zinc-air battery and with a new MicroShell, a custom mold designed to comfortably fit small ears.
The wireless and rechargeable CROS/BiCROS miniRITE T R offers good speech audibility and sound quality for hearing aid users with single-sided deafness. It transmits sound to the receiving hearing aid with power efficient NFMI technology. Users can benefit from improved sound localization, and protection from excessive loudness or feedback. Sound can be simultaneously streamed from external devices to the receiving hearing aid.

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Bernafon Alpha - the hearing aid with Hybrid Technology™ and a new Music Experience program for well-balanced music enjoyment.


Bernafon Alpha with portable Charger Plus – convenient charging away from home with power for an entire weekend trip.


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