All about Alpha XT hearing aids

For best sound without compromise

Inspired by the exceptional hearing of the animal kingdom, Bernafon presents their best hearing aids with Alpha XT. Alpha XT feature Bernafon’s most advanced Hybrid Technology™. With the new Hybrid Sound Care™ feature, Alpha XT protect from disturbing wind and contact noise. Bernafon Alpha XT are rechargeable hearing aids with wireless connectivity technology, that combine exceptional sound quality with versatility and elegance.

Benefits of Alpha XT

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    Focus on being outdoors
    Alpha XT is designed for additional listening comfort and clear speech in windy outdoor environments. 

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    Focus on conversations
    Alpha XT features Hybrid Technology™ to simultaneously augment speech understanding and listening comfort.

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    Focus on all-day power
    Alpha XT hearing aids recharge in less than 3.5 hours and last all day long, even when streaming.

Upgrade your life with Alpha

If you already use hearing aids, maybe it’s time to upgrade your sound quality, comfort, awareness, and speech understanding. Three out of four people surveyed preferred Alpha over their previous Bernafon hearing aids.1 You can try out new Alpha hearing aids before you decide.

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Upper body of woman sitting on bed and removing Bernafon Alpha XT miniRITE T R hearing aids from charger on nightstand

Rechargeable for a full day of power

With the rechargeable Alpha XT hearing aids, you can forget about buying or changing batteries. Simply put the hearing aids in the charging station overnight and comfortably start your day.

Charger Plus with Bernafon Alpha XT hearing aids laying next to an open suitcase on top of a blue shirt on the bed

Portable Charger Plus - perfect for a weekend trip

Make use of the convenient accessory, equipped with a power bank. The Charger Plus offers 3 full charging cycles of two hearing aids without the need for a power supply. The practical lid securely stores the hearing aids inside. Recharge the power bank of the Charger Plus in only 4 hours and travel comfortably and hassle-free.

Pair of Bernafon Alpha XT miniRITE T R hearing aids are next to an iPhone showing the Bernafon App on top of a dark counter

Get connected

With Bernafon Alpha XT hearing aids you can enjoy hands-free phone and video calls from iPhone® and iPad®, in addition to streaming audio directly from iOS and modern Android™ devices. Many connectivity accessories are also available to further enhance your listening experience.

Bernafon Alpha hearing aid users (man and woman) standing next to each other looking into the distance, his arm around her

Why choose Bernafon hearing aids?

Hearing aid users report their experience with Bernafon Alpha. Read how Jean Marc and Rita Nigg travel around the world in their mobile home. Or watch the hearing aid testimonial video of Frits. The hobby tennis player from the Netherlands explains why Bernafon Alpha was the right choice for him.

Alpha reviews

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Bernafon Alpha XT miniBTE T, miniRITE T, miniRITE T R, and miniBTE T R hearing aids in black sand with red and blue lights

Alpha XT fits your style and needs

Together with your hearing care professional, choose the style that best matches your hearing loss, cosmetic preferences, and individual needs.


Get easy control of your hearing experience

Make the most of your hearing aids every day with the easy-to-use Bernafon App. Control your hearing aids, personalize your sound, get remote counseling, set and achieve your hearing goals, and connect to your favorite devices – all with a slide or tap on your smartphone and Apple Watch. Read more about compatibility.

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  • Bernafon Soundclip-A


    The SoundClip-A is a versatile accessory for sound streaming.

  • Picture of the RC-A remote control with three large round buttons for use with Bernafon hearing aids

    RC-A (remote control)

    Adjust your hearing instruments with an easy-to-use remote control.

  • All CloseUp TV Adapter

    TV-A (TV adapter)

    Watch TV and listen to the sound directly from your TV through your hearing aids.

A smiling audiologist and a client during a hearing aid consultation

Looking for a hearing care professional?

We can help you get in touch with a Bernafon dispenser near you.

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1 Preference based on a product questionnaire assessing the preference for Bernafon Alpha 9 with 19 Bernafon Viron 9 MNR T R users conducted in an investigation in November 2020 (n=19, mean age=68, PTA=44dB HL).