Life is complete again

6 March 2019

Meet Mark who wears Bernafon Zerena hearing aids, and his partner Kate, and hear their story. They live in the south of England and enjoy country walks with their dog and meeting friends in the coffee shop. In this video, Mark explains that his “life is complete again” since being fitted with Bernafon Zerena hearing aids. Kate tells us the difference this has made in their lives. For more about their experiences, watch the full video or the short version by clicking on the links below.


Marks says “If you think you may be suffering from hearing loss, get your hearing tested. … genuinely, there is no stigma to wearing hearing aids. They are so discreet now that most people aren’t even aware you’re wearing them. Since being fitted with my Bernafon Zerena hearing aids, I can honestly say that my hearing has been transformed.”

Thanks to Mark and Kate for sharing their story, and thanks to Bernafon UK for producing the video.

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