Live music and Zerena - "a really rich sound"

14 March 2019

Meet people in The Netherlands who tried Bernafon Zerena hearing aids and hear how they experienced live orchestral music with Zerena hearing aids in this video filmed at Ameronongen Castle on a Sunday afternoon:

What makes Bernafon Zerena hearing aids so good for listening to live music?

One answer is Bernafon’s proprietary ChannelFree signal processing. ChannelFree performs by not dividing the signal into frequency channels. It adjusts the gain 20,000 times a second and amplifies each phoneme individually. In this way not only is speech optimally enhanced, but music is too.

The second answer is Bernafon’s innovative Live Music Program which takes into account the larger dynamic range of music compared to speech. Our colleagues from The Netherlands offer the following technical explanation:

“Each hearing aid contains an A / D converter. This is the part of the hearing aid that converts the sound that is received by the microphone (analog) into a digital signal. Before the sound is digitized by the A / D converter, the hearing aid compresses the sound at an output value of 95 dB SPL. This is more than enough for most situations. Although speech has an alternation of loud and soft sounds, the sound rarely exceeds 89 dB SPL when someone shouts, for example. An input compression point of 95 dB SPL is therefore more than sufficient to receive the sound without distortion.

However, music has a much larger dynamic range than speech. Live music easily achieves output values of 105 dB (A) with peaks of 120 dB (A) or even higher. For such situations, an input compression point of 95 dB SPL is too low. Music can sound compressed, tinny and distorted as soon as it exceeds 95 dB SPL.

Bernafon has picked up on this. In the Live Music Program in Zerena hearing aids, the input compression point is increased to 113 dB SPL. This gives the sound more dynamics, it sounds fuller and more natural.”

Dynamic Range Extender delivers an improved overall sound quality for the premium Zerena 9 instruments, and ensures that music has the highest possible input range to preserve the unique sound quality of live music.

One participant said, “Comparing it with my previous hearing aids or even without, there the sound was a lot flatter. Now this is a really rich sound”.

Another participant said, “I also brought my old hearing aids with me, so I put them in for a while as well. Then it comes a sort of convergence of all kinds of sounds that you cannot specify. And now… I feel like a whole new world has begun for me”.

It was so satisfying to hear another say, “Now you can hear the high tones. I can hear them pretty well. With my current hearing aids they fade away but with the Zerena I can still hear these tones. To be honest, these may well be the hearing aids for me”.

Thanks to all who participated in the Zerena live music experience and to those who kindly shared their experiences, and thanks to Bernafon Netherlands for producing the video. Thanks too to Guido's Orchestra for the beautiful music.

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