A tin bird stitting on a branch next to a real bird symbolizing the difference of other hearing aid technology to Bernafon Viron.

Sound by Viron. Simply closer to reality.

Viron is the industry's first True Environment Processing hearing aid

With Bernafon’s philosophy of providing the most natural sound possible, users will experience sound which is simply closer to reality. The super-fast sound detection and processing with Bernafon's DECS technology stimulates users with more precise information about the environment in real time. This enables the listener to focus on hearing what’s important to them, while keeping the natural sound picture.

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Bernafon Viron  miniRITE T R lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids  in the charger on a nightable next to other personal things.

Viron Li-ion rechargeable
miniRITE T R

With Viron miniRITE T R, your clients can simply forget about changing batteries or carrying extra ones with them. Only three hours of charging gives a full day of power including sound streaming and phone calls. Viron miniRITE T R is Bernafon’s first hearing aid to feature a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

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Patented Dynamic Feedback Canceller

The innovative, new Dynamic Feedback Canceller (DFC) acts 10 times faster than previous systems, making it the fastest and most effective feedback cancelling system ever from Bernafon.

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Oasisnxt Fitting Software

A new version is released:
Oasisnxt 2019.1

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