Man with Bernafon Leox Super Power|Ultra Power hearing aids spontaneously pruning garden bush into the shape of a dolphin.

Leox - reveal your spontaneity

Meet Leox, the first True Environment Processing™ Super Power | Ultra Power hearing aids. They take people with severe to profound hearing losses to a new level of awareness. For sound perception as close to reality as possible.

Leox 7|3

Bernafon Viron miniRITE T R lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids placed in the charger with the cable in the background.

Viron rechargeable miniRITE T R

Viron miniRITE T R is Bernafon’s first rechargeable hearing instrument to feature a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides power for a full day of use including sound streaming and phone calls.

Viron 9


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Bernafon products and technologies empower people to hear and communicate better – so you can overcome obstacles and pursue your passions.

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