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Bernafon’s Zerena and the New Dynamics of Hearing

Bern (May 23, 2017) – It is soon time for Zerena 9|7|5 and the new dynamics of hearing with DECS. Experience a quantum leap in premium hearing system technology with a new chip, a brand new set of dynamic features, and new software.

Zerena and the outstanding Dynamic Environment Control SystemTM (DECS) will offer users seamless, boundless hearing. The unique and innovative DECS technology continuously adapts to changes in the soundscape. With 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity, Zerena is a Made for iPhone® hearing instrument, allowing for direct streaming with excellent sound quality.

Dynamic Environment Control SystemTM or DECS

A quantum leap to dynamic features has been achieved with Bernafon’s DECS technology. Four hero features lead the way:

  • Continuous Environment Detection constantly collects information and analyzes the environment with high-speed and precision.

  • Dynamic Noise Management or DNM effectively removes noise without adversely affecting speech with Dynamic Directionality and Dynamic Noise Reduction.

  • Dynamic Amplification Control or DAC continuously measures the speech-to-noise ratios and directs the information to Dynamic Speech Processing.

  • Dynamic Speech Processing or DSP accurately amplifies the signal based on level and the dynamic environment information received from DAC.

A proactive system works imperceptibly to remove boundaries so that users can concentrate on what is happening around them and not on their hearing aids. Users will benefit from less listening fatigue in noise and high comfort in noisy situations, resulting in a high acceptance of devices in noisy situations.


Contemporary design

Zerena miniRITE, miniRITE T (with a telecoil and volume control buttons), and BTE 105 are all built to the highest quality standards in the industry, featuring the Bernafon S-shape design for wearing comfort. Zerena styles combine with the miniFit system, offering a wide range of acoustic options. They all have a hydrophobic coating to repel liquid and are IP68 rated for protection against ingress of dust and water.

Direct streaming and easy pairing

Zerena’s super-fast and powerful chip now includes smart dual-radio wireless technology with 2.4 GHz direct-to-hearing-aid and near-field magnetic induction (NMFI) ear-to-ear technology. With this technology, Zerena connects directly to many wireless devices. There is a new RC-A remote control which is fast and easy to pair, a new EasyControl-A app, and a new TV-A. The TV-A supports Dolby Digital Stereo and pairing is now possible to an unlimited number of Zerena instruments.

New fitting software Oasisnxt

The release of Zerena is coupled with the introduction of the fitting software Oasisnxt. It follows the same proven fitting flow from the legacy Oasis, but includes advanced design elements and controls related to the DECS technology. It works with the new wireless FittingLINK 3.0, making fitting and fine-tuning appointments more comfortable for the clients with no need for an intermediate device. “We at Bernafon are extremely excited about the release of Zerena and the unique DECS technology,” says Erich Spahr, President, Bernafon. “We are launching a new era of dynamic hearing and with it a whole new generation of hearing instruments to improve the lives of those with hearing loss.”

Get acquainted with the new dynamics of hearing. Contact your local Bernafon representative for more information about Zerena, DECS, and launch activities near you.

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