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Discover Bernafon's rechargeable Alpha XT hearing aids with next level Hybrid Technology™.

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Hearing aid users report their experience with Bernafon Alpha. Read how Jean Marc and Rita Nigg travel around the world in their mobile home. Or watch the hearing aid testimonial video of Frits. The hobby tennis player from the Netherlands says why Bernafon Alpha was the right choice for him.

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Our best for your music enjoyment

Music can positively affect your well-being. Bernafon Alpha XT hearing aids offer music enjoyment and let you dive into rich music sounds. Streaming music directly from your smartphone to the rechargeable hearing aids with Bluetooth®.

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Bernafon better hearing is healthy living and fitness

Better hearing is healthy living

There’s no shortage of advice when it comes to health – eating the right food, keeping physically active, getting enough sleep.

But what’s healthy about good hearing?


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