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About hearing aids

With so many different shapes, styles, and colors, there is a hearing aid to match your individual needs and preferences.

High-performance hearing aids to empower you

  • Ergonomic and discreet design for comfort
  • Compatible with apps and wireless accessories for enhanced connectivity options*
  • Convenient and easy-to-use functionalities
  • Top-quality components for a long lifetime and reliable performance
  • Rechargeable for all-day power*

*Select models only

Find the hearing aid that is best for you

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    Behind-the-ear (BTE)

    Seated comfortably behind the ear, BTE hearing aids house an incredible amount of power. Bernafon BTEs are used by people with mild to profound hearing loss.

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    In-the-ear (ITE)

    ITE hearing aids come in different shapes and sizes. Those that fit in the canal are the most discreet on the market today. Bernafon ITEs are adapted for mild to severe hearing loss.

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    Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE)

    RITE solutions combine the best of both BTEs and ITEs — power and discretion. Bernafon RITEs are suitable for mild to profound hearing loss.


Which hearing aid will fit your needs best?

Behind every Bernafon hearing aid is a competent team of engineers and audiologists who are passionate about making you hear better.

Depending on your individual hearing needs, your lifestyle, and budget, there are different performance categories that we can offer to you. With advanced performance categories, we provide more options and adjustable settings to cater to challenging listening situations.

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Hearing aid technology quiz

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Bernafon Alpha is the first hearing aid with Hybrid Technology™

It's an industry first. Bernafon's new premium hearing aid is equipped with hybrid processing. Bernafon Alpha's Hybrid Technology™ strikes the right balance to deliver optimized and natural sound with better speech understanding and improved listening comfort.

Easy-to-use and rechargeable, Alpha hearing aids come with Bernafon's latest wireless sound streaming technology and fit comfortably behind the ear.

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Bernafon accessories keep you connected

Bernafon hearing aids can communicate with a host of electronic devices wirelessly.

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