Woman wearing Bernafon Alpha rechargeable hearing aids by drawing of eagle, Hybrid Technology logo, and dark blue background

All about Alpha hearing aids

Inspired by the best

Animals with exceptional hearing led the way to a revolutionary new hearing aid. Bernafon Alpha is the first rechargeable hearing aid with Hybrid Technology™. Similar to a hybrid car, it unifies two outstanding technologies to perform best in different listening environments.

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Bernafon Alpha rechargeable hearing aid introduction movie of a wolf and man hearing each other in the forest before meeting.

With Bernafon Alpha …

  • Man wearing Bernafon Alpha rechargeable miniBTE T R hearing aids with woman in restaurant, sitting across from one another

    Focus on improved speech understanding and listening comfort. Alpha grants best sound without compromise.

  • Man wearing Bernafon Alpha rechargeable miniBTE T R hearing aids standing at a high table  in restaurant with iPhone in hand

    Focus on being more connected. Alpha streams sound from numerous audio devices and offers hands-free communication from iPhone® and iPad®.

  • Man wearing Bernafon Alpha rechargeable miniBTE T R hearing aids sitting in living room and placing Charger Plus in his bag

    Focus on everything but your hearing aids. Alpha is rechargeable with power for a full day of use.

Bernafon Alpha hearing aid users (man and woman) standing next to each other looking into the distance, his arm around her

Why choose Bernafon hearing aids?

Hearing aid users report their experience with Bernafon Alpha. Read how Jean Marc and Rita Nigg travel around the world in their mobile home. Or watch the hearing aid testimonial video of Frits. The hobby tennis player from the Netherlands says why Bernafon Alpha was the right choice for him.

Alpha reviews

Woman wearing Bernafon Alpha rechargeable hearing aids enjoys Swiss lake and mountain view from hotel window

In trials*, 100% of test clients reported good to excellent sound quality and clear speech in noisy environments.

*2020: Based on clinical trial data acquired at Bernafon AG, Bern Switzerland

Red/blue image of woman next to a speaker, a MUSIC block wordmark, Bernafon Alpha's Hybrid Technology logo and a sound wave

Inspiration in every note

Enjoy superior quality and well-balanced music sound with Bernafon's new Music Experience. The program is specifically designed for music sounds. And no matter whether you like classics or rock, with Alpha's innovative Hybrid Technology™, music enjoyment is just one click away.

Rechargeable miniRITE T R hearing aids

Bernafon’s most popular hearing aid style provides power for a full day of use including sound streaming. It is discreet and sits comfortably behind your ear. The lithium-ion batteries charge quickly with one of two chargers.

  • Bernafon Alpha rechargeable hearing aids in robust charger on a beauty table with mirror and a vase of dry flowers

    The robust plug & play charger is the easy-to-use solution to recharge your hearing aids at home.

  • Bernafon Alpha rechargeable hearing aids in portable Charger Plus on a glass table with red flowers, a book and glasses

    The portable Charger Plus has a power bank for three full charges of two hearing aids. It is the perfect option for convenient charging away from home.

Two grey and black Bernafon Alpha rechargeable miniBTE T R hearing aids placed on a desk in a living room next to an iPhone

Get connected

With Bernafon Alpha hearing aids you can enjoy hands-free phone and video calls from iPhone and iPad, in addition to streaming audio directly from iOS and modern Android™ devices. Many connectivity accessories are also available to further enhance your listening experience.

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4 Bernafon Alpha hearing aids (miniBTE T R, miniRITE T R, miniBTE T, miniRITE T) on red and blue cubes with purple background

Alpha fits your style and needs

Together with your hearing care professional, choose the style that best matches your hearing loss, cosmetic preferences, and individual needs.

Depending on your individual hearing needs, your lifestlye, and budget, there are five different performance categories that we can offer to you. With advanced performance categories, we provide more options and adjustable settings to cater to challenging listening situations.

  • image_spot_tab_viron_97531_01_200x660

    Alpha 9


  • image_spot_tab_viron_97531_02_200x660

    Alpha 7


  • image_spot_tab_viron_97531_03_200x660

    Alpha 5


  • image_spot_tab_viron_97531_04_200x660

    Alpha 3


  • image_spot_tab_viron_97531_05_200x660

    Alpha 1


  • Illustrating ear on red background


  • Illustrating speech with lips on red background


  • Illustration of headphones on red background showing hearing comfort

    Hearing comfort

  • Illustrated white thumbs up on red background showing reduction of user's listening effort that allows focusing on what is important to them

    Operating comfort

  • Illustration of fingerprint showing individualization



Use the Bernafon EasyControl-A app to discreetly control your hearing aids

With the app, you can regulate the volume, change your listening program, find your hearing aids, and check your battery status. Read more about compatibility.

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  • Bernafon Soundclip-A


    The SoundClip-A is a versatile accessory for sound streaming.

  • Picture of the easy to use Bernafon remote control with three buttons for hearing aid volume control and program changes

    RC-A (remote control)

    Adjust your hearing instruments with an easy-to-use remote control.

  • All_CloseUp_TV_Adapter

    TV-A (TV adapter)

    Watch TV and listen to the sound directly from your TV through your hearing aids.

A smiling audiologist and a client during a hearing aid consultation

Looking for a hearing care professional?

We can help you get in touch with a Bernafon dispenser near you.

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