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Oasisnxt fitting software

An efficient fitting session with Oasisnxt

Highly intuitive and with many options to personalize your fittings , Oasisnxt is the fitting software for Bernafon hearing aids. Whether you are in a consultation, programming, or in a fine-tuning process, Oasisnxt offers all the right tools for an easy-to-use and straightforward fitting flow. Read more about using Oasisnxt in your practice in our Topics in Amplification.


Effective and outstanding fitting functionalities characterize the Oasisnxt software

  • Screen of the Fitting Assistant in Bernafon's Oasis Next fitting software

    Fitting Assistant

    The Fitting Assistant facilitates the fine-tuning process in the Oasisnxt fitting software. For an optimal result, gain and feature adjustments are suggested based on a predefined set of end-user comments about particular listening situations.

  • Remote Fitting

    Bernafon Remote Fitting lets you provide online support for your clients at a mutually convenient time and place.

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    In-situ audiometry

    In-situ audiometry aims for a more accurate first-time fitting for your client. With the in-situ audiogram, various aspects of the fitting including tubing length, venting, and residual volume within the ear canal are automatically part of the calculation. In-situ audiometry is now also available in Remote Fitting.

  • personalisation_634x393

    Personalization tool

    The Personalization tool assesses your client’s sound perception. The answers from key questions trigger direct actions on various controls in the fitting software. Bernafon Alpha’s technology can be used to its full potential and your client’s first fit acceptance is optimized.

  • image-spot_transferfromto_634x393

    Transfer Fitting

    With Transfer Fitting, you can transfer settings across different hearing aid styles, families, and technology levels, saving time in your daily practice.

  • image-spot_remfit_calibration_634x393


    Achieve more accurate fittings while saving time with REMfit™ (with Verifit®LINK). It performs verification using speech mapping and automatically adjusts the gain of the hearing aids based on the measurements all within the Oasisnxt software.

Oasis Firmware Updater

Keep the firmware of Bernafon hearing aids and accessories up to date at all times. Feature improvements, compatiblity enhancements, and much more are installed within a few clicks.


SoundStudio – A best practice tool for counseling, fitting, and fine-tuning

Use SoundStudio to best demonstrate the benefits of a hearing aid to your clients. SoundStudio is a 3D sound engine that simulates real environments and everyday hearing situations in the fitting room. Read more about how you can integrate SoundStudio in your daily practice in our Topics in Amplification.

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