Bernafon Remote Fitting

Introduce Bernafon Remote Fitting to your daily practice and provide online support for your clients at a mutually convenient time and place.

3 reasons to introduce Bernafon Remote Fitting

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    Conduct follow-up appointments, counseling, and hearing aid adjustments online.

  • save_your_clients_time_960x600

    Save your client's time by offering a flexible remote service that can reduce the need to come in to your clinic.

  • provide_a_convenient_service_960x600

    Provide a convenient service especially for those clients who live far away or have difficulties getting to your clinic.

Easy for you and your clients to keep in touch

Perform a Bernafon Remote Fitting session over the Oasisnxt fitting software. Your client will join the online appointment over the Bernafon EasyControl Connect app. Together, you can benefit from the following Remote Fitting functionalities:

  • hearing_aid_fine-tuning_red_384x384

    Hearing aid fine-tuning

    Connect to your client remotely and make hearing aid adjustments online.

  • video_calls-red_384x384

    Video calls

    Set up a video call to have face-to-face conversations.

  • phone_calls_red_384x384

    Phone calls

    Make phone calls if your client prefers not to have the camera on.

  • chat_box_red_384x384

    Chat box

    Use the chat function to exchange short text messages.


Bernafon EasyControl Connect app

To get started with Bernafon Remote Fitting, help your client to download the Bernafon EasyControl Connect app. Bernafon EasyControl Connect app works with both iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ smartphones and tablets and it features step-by-step instructions.


Activate Bernafon Remote Fitting in Oasisnxt

Bernafon Remote Fitting is available in Oasisnxt 2020.2 and later versions.

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